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Cyclopolis Experiment Chosen for EU Funding!

The other partners of the consortium are EURAC Research and Gruppo FOS, both Italian, situated in Bolzano and Genoa respectively.

The Experiment regards both the technical upgrade and the time-to-market reduction of Cyclopolis’ sensor-kit, which is designed for use by sharing mobility means (shared bicycles and scooters).  The sensor kit’s aim is to gather precious data regarding air pollutants in an efficient and economic manner so as to reveal modern cities’ pollution hotspots. Its goal is to improve public health and well-being as well as to reduce public health spending.

EURAC Research will be transferring its know-how for the purposes of upgrading the sensor-kit’s functionality in the following directions:


  • multi-protocol gateways (LoRa, WiFi, Ble) including VPN
  • Central orchestrator architecture
  • Self-provisioning web portal
  • over-the-air (OTA) software updates
  • ​improved power management



Gruppo FOS will be the “productisation partner” delivering its valuable know-how and network for ending up with a solution capable of entering successfully the global market.

ERMES will have concluded until the end of 2022 with a pilot implementation in an Italian city.

We are thrilled!

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