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Bikes Highway

Beyond the solar cycle lanes Dutch are preparing yet another innovative project for cyclists: a network of cycle routes - Highway to travel within the country. The project is mainly based on the forecast that electric bicycles are widely used in a few years by reducing car use. It is estimated that the country is investing 100 million euros to build this network will save at least 144 million.

Based on two different scenarios, one where there is no use of electric bicycles and one which is, researchers found that profits from a network of 675 km length is more than the costs. Apart from saving money to use bicycle travel offers better health and helps reduce carbon emissions. In the first case, where there used electric bikes, it was estimated that shipments by car will fall by 0.7% and public transport by 0.9%, while travel by bicycle will increase by 1.3%. In the second scenario where it is estimated that 50% of cyclists will use electric bikes by 2020, reduce car travel by 1.6%, with public transport by 2.7% and transport by bicycle will increase by a total of 3 3%. Better facilities for cyclists will contribute to better circulation for cars by reducing travel time by 3.8 million hours annually.

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