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Panepistimiou St. for Pedestrians

Plans for pedestrian Panepistimiou street, but without a memorandum of cooperation between several ministries and agencies end did not come. So a few days ago ... twinned the interests of road rehabilitation University, three ministries (Transport, Culture and Environment), the Agency Master Plan of Athens and three limited liability companies (Unification of Archaeological Sites and Transformations-EAXA SA Metro SA, Urban Agency Communications Athens OECD).

In the urban areas reconstruction of downtown Athens, the co-operators were asked to sign a memorandum of understanding with 8 articles to be coordinated. Aim to carry out the program he wants, as in 2014, first tram to be extended by the Constitution, via the University until Patisia, and also the way the University has given to pedestrians and cyclists. Alongside the plan provides that the central artery of the center to form an open public space (linear square) and the widening of sidewalks and Amalia Avenue Street Patission to extend the "long walk" through the triangle "National Library-University -Academy.

The Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Environment undertake administrative and legislative initiatives to implement the cooperation agreement. It is noteworthy that the Metro SA has been established that can contribute decisively to the coordination of project implementation and configuration of the redevelopment of University Street, "a competence in the development of electric railways of Attica and the high level of know-how."

Thus, in accordance with the Memorandum of Cooperation Agency Master Plan of Athens shall: scientific support for town planning and environment (data on land use, information about the location of production, business activities, environmental design) integration program in the estimates of the revised Master Plan of Athens promote the necessary regulatory responsibility for the coordination of public consultation and information The EAXA SA will be responsible for carrying out EU-wide architectural competition for the renovation and development of University Street and the implementation of studies.

The powers given to the OSCE concerning the provision of scientific support and staff for anything related to transportation planning issues. Among other states that is responsible for studies of traffic and travel studies "establishing pricing of public and private means of transport, etc. The coordination and management of the redevelopment project and configuration of the road taken by the University of Athens Metro SA. In particular, will be responsible design and implementation as a project manager - project manager - and the coordination of agencies involved with the creation of the project, involving representatives of the contracting entities. Also, among others, takes responsibility for the financial planning under the guidance of the Coordination Monitoring Committee.

As players are concerned by these projects, either as users in the daily operation of the city either because of their scientific status, it planned to set up an Advisory Committee. This will involve organizations such as the Municipality of Athens, Chambers, Associations of Architects, Engineers, Civil Unions, pedestrians, cyclists, etc. to be informed and consulted on the design and implementation progress.

It is telling that the Mayor of Athens Mr. Kaminis has been reported for some time on the Municipality's proposals for the upgrading of city life and has made and the actions proposed during the meetings of the Interministerial Committee on Interior Minister Mr. Jn . Ragousis. Indeed, Mr. Kaminis has made it clear that we need to take into account the positions of the municipality for assistance in Athens and to coordinate.

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