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3rd Generation

The experience from previous programs and the availability of technologies that facilitated the identification of the user contributed in the growth of 3rd generation of programs. In 1996 the University of Portsmouth in England introduced a system with the use of magnetic cards for the disposal of the bike. 3rd generation systems incorporated new technologies with electronic locks, telecommunications systems, smart cards, mobile phones and computers. Growth was not impressive until the installation of the Velo'v program in Lyon (France) with a capacity of 1.500 bicycles. Velo’v nowadays figures more than 15.000 members.

The real turning point, however, was the Velib' program in Paris, which began in 2007 with 7.000 bicycles and, due to excessive demand, two years later it would figure23.600 bicycles. The success of Paris for the use of bicycle as means of public transport raised the interest of many cities. Thus, roughly 60 programs had launched at the end of 2007, 92 in 2008, 130 in 2009 and today they exceed 230 all over the world!


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